A detailed walk-through on how to use hidden features and/or Corvid to optimize your site across devices.


Read this first:

Wix offers you a vast amount of freedom and control over its competitors, but not without some sacrifices, including full responsiveness out of the box. With more freedom, comes more responsibility...right? Even so, optimizing your Wix website across resolutions can be an extremely easy process if your design consists of these elements:

- Column strips

- Full-width slideshows

- Galleries

- Repeaters

Keep all of these within the dotted lines, and you'll be set.

With that said, you can further enhance your visitors' experience with a couple of very quick tweaks in the editor, and other more advanced ones which require Corvid. Let's start with the quick and easy...

Responsive strips:

Are you looking to keep your site's logo pinned to the left or right side of the header? Or maybe you noticed that half your menu is disappearing on iPads and smaller screens. You're in luck! This is one of the easiest fixes we'll make throughout this guide. Here's the simplest way step-by-step:

1. Make a new blank page on your site.

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