Creating a backwards compatible alternative solution to repeaters for older devices.

{iOS10 and below, older versions of IE, Firefox, and Chrome}


What's the problem?

You may or may not be aware that Wix only officially supports iOS 11 and above, Android 7.0, Safari 11, and Internet Explorer can be a mixed bag. To be fair and honest, unless you are using an old iPhone or iPad, all of these are easily corrected. Even on older Macbooks you have the option to install any number of Linux distributions to gain access to all the latest browsers, and Internet Explorer was objectively way behind the curve even before Microsoft abandoned it.


Regardless, this does not mean that your entire website will fail to load on these devices, but a few key ones will thanks to advances in browser technologies since those  versions of those browsers were released. The most important thing that will not work at all, especially if you are relying solely on them to display important information, are repeaters. So here's the solution without reverting back to using ugly tables.

Mimicking repeater containers:

The first step is easy to explain and understand

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